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Testimonials from Real People

I give each client an opportunity to re-examine their path in life and business. Clients who finish one of my coaching sessions or workshops come away energised and inspired. They have adopted a more beneficial mindset in managing challenges and pursuing goals. 
Check out some of their experiences below and contact me to add yours!

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Facilitator rating: 10 out of 10

"I would be really keen to go on more of these workshops! 

Really good atmosphere to allow sharing + learning."

Annie Reed, Team Leader Subdivision Consents, Tasman District Council



This course was extremely useful, and I will be using all the tips and tricks going forward.

Engaging and very professional. Tailored specifically to our work. Excellent training, thank you.

Fantastic presenter, great energy throughout the session.

Passionate presenter with a great knowledge and experience base delivered the workshop in an engaging an
d enjoyable manner.

Tasman Emergency Management - Presentation Workshop


Civil Defence Team Nelson Tasman

“I approached Angelika for Business Coaching, but by conversing with her soon realised that I needed guidance in my personal life. I am so appreciative of Angelika's intuition and wisdom. It feels like a big weight has been lifted.”

Simon C.

“Angelika has a great talent for delivering complicated concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.  Her delivery style is clear, inclusive and energetic.  She strives to make every coaching session as interactive as possible. ”

Robin Smith

"I enjoyed "Promote Yourself" immensely. I struggled with how and what to introduce myself. Now I feel much more confident and ready to go out and present myself."

Ro-Charlle Pitcut, Your Success

"Excellent seminar (Find Your Sales Voice)! Angelika covered all she promised. I loved the role plays and learned heaps."

Wendy Rankin, Wild Tomato

”I attended Angelika's 'Find Your Sales Voice' workshop and found it FANBLOODYTASTIC!!! It was educational, informative and thought-provoking."

Kyra Woodlansey, Workbridge

"Find Your Sales Voice Workshop helped me to work out all the important facts and strengthened and gained confidence in my presentation skills."

Felicity Yates, Flossie Balloons

Angelika, your educational session this morning was exceptional, a totally motivating way to start the day and looking around the room, every single person was 100% engaged. Outstanding. A natural born leader and motivator!!!

Jessie Creedmore, Fairfax Media

"What a fantastic way you ran the meeting today. Your enthusiasm got us all in the mood which carried on to be a great meeting. Thanks also for the way you were able to help me with such constructive feedback. I learn from you every meeting!


"You appear to be very familiar and confident with speaking via a screen, Angelika. The content of your speech was well pitched for our audience. I felt you delivered just the right amount of information, in a clear and accessible way.  The way you linked your introduction, personal story, the theory on using the logical analytical part of our brain when our fight flight feeling brain is over activated, was clear and uncluttered. It is relevant to us all, and empowering at a time when we can feel we have little control. An excellent speech, very well structured and delivered with warmth and professionalism.


"Your voice your Signature: It's wonderful that you do such helpful instructional speeches, Angelika. Particularly found it fascinating to learn about coloring the voice. Your xercises are always so engaging, helping us loosen up and implement the learning.


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