1:1 Coaching

Individualised Support

Business Partners at Work

Leadership Coaching

Does this resonate with you or your team?

  • Desire a happy, efficient and more productive working environment 

  • Need to increase your client/customer base and improve sales

  • Experiencing ongoing challenges with staff, but unsure how to address them

  • Realise your leadership skills have room for improvement, but not sure where to start

  • Observing or experiencing workplace bullying and poor engagement

  • Desire to develop a problem-solving mindset

  • Improving team culture

"Angelika helped me out with some employee issues and it was absolutely wonderful to have her step in and diffuse the situation. She then came back a month later for a communication with my staff of 19. She was super engaging plus got her message across powerfully through her sharing and her exercises. It has made a positive impact on our company culture and I can highly recommend Angelika!"          Cynthia Baur, Living Light Candles

Meditation by the Sea

Life Coaching and Supervision

Do you resonate with:

  • Need for healthy work/life balance

  • Feeling anxious and under stress

  • Overwhelmed and frustrated

  • Hate your job and/or struggle with your manager or colleagues

  • Out of shape and unfit

  • Lacking confidence

  • Re-evaluating your life after a health scare or losing a loved one

  • Desire for a better daily life

"Angelika not only challenged me to think about what was important to me for personal growth but got me thinking about the endless possibilities that were open to me.

Her encouragement has given me license to explore my creative side as well as my intellectual curiosity. Already I am taking action!"                  Kathy King. Feb 2021

->  Gain clarity on what is important to you in life!

->  Gain insight into what may currently prevent you from being in a better space!

Through dialogue with me, we will tease out a clearer picture of what drives you and what hinders you currently. I will introduce you to powerful tools and techniques specific to your situation, so you can move forward with increased confidence and lead the life you are longing for.

Sat on the Rocks

Career Coaching

Have you just lost your job or are unsure how to move forward or what direction to take?

Together we will explore your strengths, talents and goals. You will learn how to communicate these to best effect and what steps you need to take to get you to where you want to be.

I will offer you tailored tools and techniques to gain more confidence, so you can strive for the career you deserve.

People During Workshop

Public Speaking, Presentations & Facilitation

Many of us are experts in their fields and get asked to hold presentations or workshops.

Receiving undivided attention and coaching on specific aspects of your presentation or speech will make all the difference! 

Learn practical tips and tricks on:

  • how best to engage your audience

  • how to ensure your wisdom and messages come across

  • keeping your nerves at bay

I provide a learning environment that allows you to discover, refine and polish your unique, authentic style. 

"Angelika is a highly skilled, intuitive facilitator who brings out the best in all participants.

Her natural, light-hearted yet informative style allows everyone to relax and enjoy the process.

She adapts and flexes to the needs of her participants so that they obtain the most out of each session.

We were privileged that she facilitated the Nelson 9.30am Networkers group for the past 14 months"

Maria Gold – The Networkers NZ