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1:1 Coaching
Life Coaching

Career Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Professional External Supervision

   Do you crave improvement in your work or home life???

1:1 coaching sessions afford you to reflect on and develop your knowledge, skills, and competence, through agreed unbiased support

  • Gain heightened awareness of your thoughts and responses

  • Learn about your ‘blind spots’ or unconscious biases

  • Gain confidence and compassion

  • Apply effective communication to different situations, esp. FEEDBACK

  • Build robust relationships based on trust and respect with clear boundaries

  • Resolve conflict calmly



Dean McLoughlin

Finance Manager

"The one on one sessions we held were extremely useful in helping me improve my verbal and non verbal communication skills. 

You provided me with some concrete tools I can apply in everyday situations.

Your approach of using real life situations and role playing helped tremendously and unlike many other courses I’ve been attending, I'm still applying the techniques I learnt several months after our sessions ended. Thanks again."    

Peter O'Donnell
Service Manager


As a service manager in the health sector I've been working with Angelika as my external supervisor for a year.


I can attest to her professionalism and ability to facilitate effective co reflection and professional development goals.


I always come away with a broader perspective of my role and am empowered to challenge and grow my practice."    

Grant Bessant

Team Leader

"Can't recommend Angelika's coaching sessions enough.....

After taking a more Senior Role at work it was suggested would I like to attend one of Angelika's Coaching Sessions, I was not sure what to expect as I had never attended anything like these in the past and wondered what I would get out of it.

BUT I went along with an open mind and found it one of the best things I could have attended for myself.


Her sessions were fun and thought provoking at the same time, we not only used work but personal life as examples to use and learn from.


I have gained more than I expected from these sessions and want to say thank you for this, I feel so more confident in my position at work and the tricks to dealing with things in my life both at home and work." 

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