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Do you...???

  • Desire a more confident way of dealing with life's challenges?

  • Experience ongoing issues or conflict with staff or colleagues, but unsure how to address this?

  • Realise your own leadership skills have room for improvement, but not sure where to start

  • Observe or experience workplace bullying and poor engagement?

  • Wish to develop a mindset that helps you focus on problem solving?

"Can't recommend Angelika's coaching sessions enough.....

After taking a more Senior Role at work it was suggested would I like to attend one of Angelika's Coaching Sessions, I was not sure what to expect as I had never attended anything like these in the past and wondered what I would get out of it.

BUT I went along with an open mind and found it one of the best things I could have attended for myself. Her sessions were fun and thought provoking at the same time, we not only used work but personal life as examples to use and learn from. I have gained more than I expected from these sessions and want to say thank you for this, I feel so more confident in my position at work and the tricks to dealing with things in my life both at home and work."            Grant Bessant


"As a service manager in the health sector I've been working with Angelika as my external supervisor for a year. I can attest to her professionalism and ability to facilitate effective co reflection and professional development goals. I always come away with a broader perspective of my role and am empowered to challenge and grow my practice."  Peter O'Donnell

"Angelika helped me out with some employee issues and it was absolutely wonderful to have her step in and diffuse the situation. She then came back a month later for a communication with my staff of 19. She was super engaging plus got her message across powerfully through her sharing and her exercises. It has made a positive impact on our company culture and I can highly recommend Angelika!"   

      Cynthia Baur, Living Light Candles


"We are so grateful for Angelika's impactful coaching sessions over the past 6 months. Everyone in our team has benefitted from bespoke sessions to reflect on interactions with colleagues and all gained skills in emotional intelligence that result in better collaboration."


If during the 1: session we discover you may need specialist therapy work, I am happy to refer you e.g. to


1:1 Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Professional Supervision

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