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Focus: Communication
Self-promotion, Elevator Pitch, Customer Service, Assertiveness, Job Interviews, Public Speaking and Facilitation

Support Group

Better Team Communication & Culture

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Everyone can remember times when they have had great interactions at work, and times when it has been terrible or careless.

The impact these interactions have on the wellbeing of your business and employees is critical and far reaching. This workshop allows everyone who works in a team to explore the challenges and opportunities of building amazing collaborative relationships by understanding and improving the ways of communicating with each other.

  • Learn how messages are delivered and received in different ways

  • Learn how to ‘read’ and understand others

  • Learn how to best part with feedback

  • Learn about active and reflective listening – listening with empathy

  • Learn how to set boundaries and be assertive yet not aggressive

"Great workshop and leader! I felt engaged the entire time (4.5 hours!) So informative and well balanced with roleplays and discussions. I think this will really help us work better as a team and communicate to our patients in a much better way."  April 2021 The Orthodontist, Lower Hutt

Coffee Shop

Customer Service / Experience

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For all staff in your business who interact with customers - face to face, over the phone, or virtually.


  • Increase confidence in connecting with customers in a meaningful way.

  • Gain new insight and practical experience in proven communication techniques.

  • Develop a fresh mindset and more uniform approach to exhibiting a 'customer experience' focused service.

  • Leave every customer with exceedingly positive impressions.

Public Speaker

Presentation Delivery

June 12th 2021 - fully booked

Do you have content for your presentation, but need practical tips on how to bring your message across to best effect?

At this workshop we will focus on improving:

  • Posture

  • Voice Projection

  • Use of tone

  • Pace

  • Engaging with the audience

  • Tips on dealing with nerves

  • Question Handling

This is an experiential workshop, i.e. the focus is on doing! 

"You were absolutely awesome, the team has been buzzing all day!
Your delivery was spot on for what we needed." R. Bartlett, Team Leader at Nelson City Council

Self Promotion_Moment.jpg

Promote Yourself

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Self Promotion - present yourself to others as an accomplished, capable, smart and skilled person! You deserve it!

Do you want to present yourself as best as you can to your future employer or your future client?

Preparation is key!

  • Practice how to become much clearer and more confident about introducing yourself and/or your service.

  • Learn to know WHAT exactly to say and HOW best to express it

  • Make sure you become comfortable in articulating your strengths and how best to incorporate personal traits and values.  

Keep doors open and conversations flowing.

In this workshop you will discover Your Unique Voice, so you can promote yourself in a confident manner during job interviews and/or when engaging new clients.

Angelika Barnes has a wealth of knowledge in running workshops.

She believes in the power of experiential learning, aka 'I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.

“I only had 2 days left  to prepare a PPP about myself as part of an interview for a high ranking position. Angelika coached me on how to best deliver a self-promoting presentation that I believed in 100%, so I came across as a confident, knowledgeable and appealing candidate. In the process I could feel myself growing inches in self-confidence, truly transforming myself and hence my presentation to something I felt proud of. Yes, I got offered the job! Thank you so much!”

Jirka Mares


Find Your 'Sales' Voice

June 12th 2021 @ Broadgreen Historic House, Stoke

Many of us find it enormously challenging to finding our 'sales' voice.

Yet drawing in new clients or job contracts is absolutely vital...

Learn how to promote yourself and what you can offer without sounding like a pushy sales-person!

Practice how to become much clearer and more confident about introducing yourself - keeping doors open and conversations flowing.

Learning to know WHAT exactly to say and HOW best to express it, are crucial tools that need to live in your communication skills box.

On the spot coaching expertise delivered to you in an uplifting and constructive way. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to create compelling phrases that capture your authenticity 

    and the essence of your talents, products or service

  • Ability to express yourself in the most beneficial way through words and body language

  • Gaining confidence you need for face2face networking events and any other 'live' encounters 

    with potential clients or stakeholders

 $199 +Gst  per ticket

Testimonial from previous attendee: 

"I signed up to do this course because I felt I needed that extra boost to effectively explain who I was and what I could offer in my business. Why would anyone chose me over any other business similar to mine? Do I put people off? How do I find triggers? I`m so glad I did.

Angelika removed all the excess words I was using and helped me to improve my presence. At last I now know where I need to concentrate my energy on and speak more succinctly." Pauline Neal


Speak Up

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No matter whether you are a spouse, a student, an employee, a manager, a boss, or a business owner...knowing WHEN and HOW to speak up to get your point across is paramount to your success in life!

  • Do you have the courage when called for???

  • Will people hear you out???

  • Do you trip over your words???

  • Are you scared of other people's reaction???

  • Do you have regrets after a meeting or encounter that you didn't speak up?

  • Do you find that your best come-backs and ideas will flow after it's relevant?

This workshop is designed for your gain in confidence in expressing yourself in the best way possible, because your voice counts!!!

" ....I loved that we got so much opportunity to practice in a safe, friendly and positive environment. I already feel more confident and appreciated the valuable feedback I got from everyone..." Isabella Merschdorf's testimonial from another workshop of mine.

“For anyone else reading this, the word coaching can often make us feel nervous, speaking for myself its the fear of being judged I think. Angelika has a bright cheery disposition that instantly makes you feel completely at ease. ” Linda Cunningham, Tall Poppy Real Estate

Be ready to grow a feeling of ease when making yourself heard.

Bye Bye Bullies Picture.jpg

Bye-Bye Bullies

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Learn how to outsmart the bullies in your worklife and in your private life!

Have you found yourself bullied by co-workers or by a friend or family member?

Do you feel low in self-esteem and confidence? Do you feel intimidated and manipulated?

Meet a bully's aggression with a firm "halt", so he stops walking all over you. Learn strategies and practical ways to stand up for yourself and become bully-proof!

Experience how different body language, a different tone of voice and powerful come-backs provide you with effective tools to get bullies off your back.

Reclaim your power and rebuild your self-confidence!


Practice Your Job Interviews

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Do you want to present yourself as best as you can to your future employer?

Preparation is key! 

The right preparation for an important event like a job interview is essential to your success in landing the job.

In this workshop you will practice various real life scenarios to boost your confidence before your next job interview. Interviews in person, via skype or phone call - each require a slightly different skill set.

Hearing or reading about interviewing skills is a good start, but nothing beats real-life practicing while being coached from the sideline.

Angelika Barnes is an Expert Communication Coach who is passionate about bringing out the best in people. 

Come and have a go! Experience learning in a safe environment with hands-on encouragement and constructive feedback on how to better present yourself. 

Spaces limited to 8 people to maximise quality learning.