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Regional Business Partners
Funded Services

ABC Angelika Barnes Coaching offers services, some of which are registered with the Management Capability Development Fund through Regional Business Partners.
Small and medium sized businesses may qualify for funding to help pay for 50% or even 100% of these services. Funding is only available through the Regional Business Partner Network (RBP) Growth Advisors. For more information or to find your local Growth Advisor go to

Leadership Coaching

A: Leading Teams
B: Communication & Collaboration

Unforseen circumstances, like e.g. Covid 19 impact hugely on businesses. This highlights the importance for leaders to be adaptable and emotionally intelligent. Leading from the head alone is insufficient, we must also be deeply connected to the emotional landscape of those in our ranks.!!

  • Leadership/Managing People - Are you utilising all the attributes of a good leader? Can you communicate effectively? What tools do you have to support and improve the performance of the business?

  • Motivation - what different styles do you use to motivate your people? What tools are you currently using to deal with those differences? How do you coordinate performance and motivation levels? How does your current business culture impact on productivity and staff morale?  

  • Conflict Resolution - which tools and techniques have you acquired to identify and manage conflict in the workplace?

Feel more confident in connecting and collaborating.

Develop a toolkit for better interactions.

Gain practical communication techniques.

Competently give and receive feedback.

Learn how messages are delivered and received in different ways

Learn how to deal with conflict and difficult conversations

How to give and receive effective feedback

Learn about active listening with empathy

Learn how to set internal and external boundaries to assert yourself

Adaptablility, Resilience & Emotional Intelligence

Self Leadership

Many business owners have experienced a massive increase in stress and anxiety.

Learning different techniques on how to identify triggers and combat negative emotional impact is paramount to staying healthy and keeping the business runing.

Life in general throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations.

Resilience coaching assists you to:

• Adapt to frequent change and uncertainty

• Stay productive, despite increasing demands to deliver more with less

• Manage customer expectations that may exceed capabilities

• Maintain physical and emotional wellbeing despite job pressures

• Better handle workplace stress

A set of 4-5 sessions will enable the business owner to learn tools and identify stressful situations early on for future stability.

"Promote Yourself" Coaching

Attract the right people

Due to the impact of Covid-19, there is a re-newed urgency for many business owners to get out and build new networks to attract new clients and staff.

Introducing themselves, their product/service or their business can suddenly leave a lot of owners feeling lost and all too self-conscious instead of being confident, calm and collected.

It is vital to business survival that business owners have the ability to present and introduce themselves to others in any situation as an accomplished, capable, smart and skilled person who can add benefit to a prospective client's need.

In 1:1 coaching sessions we co-create and practice the most beneficial 'Elevator Pitch' for different situations. 

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